South West drug raids a warning to dealers

South West police have sent a chilling warning to criminals after charging 58 people in rolling operations targeting illegal drug distribution across the region.

South West District Office Insp. Peter Morrissey promised yesterday that the 51 search warrants resulting in more than 150 charges were the first in many operations.

It might not be tomorrow, it might not be next week but I can guarantee the people that are dealing drugs to our community in the South West, we’re coming to get you and we know where you are.

South West District Office Insp. Peter Morrissey

As part of Operation Collective, police searched several homes, businesses and retail outlets from Waroona through to Margaret River where they seized a “considerable” amount of drugs and weapons.

Methamphetamine, cannabis, LSD, illegal hallucinogenic mushrooms, steroids and synthetic cannabis were among the drugs seized.

Insp. Morrissey said the drugs were yet to be quantified but the operation had been hailed as a big win for police.

Not only did we seize quite a number of drugs but we also took off the street a number of stolen and unlicensed firearms, some of which have been altered, he said.

Among weapons seized were rifles, a Taser and a sawn-off rifle with an “improvised, manufactured silencer”, which was a plastic bottle stuffed with cotton wool.

A 3m South West carpet python was also seized during the raids.

Insp. Morrissey said raids would continue about a month apart with no specific time period.

He said the purpose of the operation was to make a dent into the drivers of volume crime by targeting street-level dealers.

The drivers of volume crime are inextricably linked to the drug trade and the ability of people who are under the scourge of the drugs to get their drugs from the street dealers,” Insp Morrissey said.

So this is the ethos of this operation – to attack those street level dealers so that we can make a bit of a dent into the drivers of volume crime.”


Source: South Western Time

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