Providing a fair and equitable testing program with ongoing random testing, at volumes and frequencies sufficient to create a deterrent effect otherwise known as a “climate of risk” is crucial. 

A successful Drug & Alcohol Management Program (DAMP) will focus upon educating personnel and creating sufficient deterrent to ensure all your workers present for work, fit to work.  If they are free from the effects of Alcohol and Other Drugs then there will be no positive test results.  To maintain this, continue testing!

Minimising the impact on workplace productivity is desired by the employer.  Traditionally some Alcohol and Other Drug testing companies attend a workplace once or twice a year and test everyone on site in a “blanket” style of testing. This method does not increase deterrent effect and does not represent the best use of your drug testing budget.  Ideally testing sessions should be more frequent and focus on testing a smaller number of your workers each visit.  This maintains the deterrent and develops the “climate of risk” as front of mind with safety the priority.